Who Is Catwoman?

To many people, both men and women, all around the world, the character of Catwoman is an anti-heroine, a love interest for the ever popular Batman, a woman who is doing wrong and dangerous things for the right and politically correct reasons. She can also be seen as an inspiration, in a sense, for many women, both young and old, with her ability to entice Batman while also having the cunning ability to get away with the things that she does in every page of the comics she graces.


However, there are many who find that the character of Catwoman is rather over-sexualized and that these women who find her powerful and as a symbol of feminism (to an extent) are incorrect in their thinking. So, who truly is Catwoman in the eyes of our society, or rather, how should we see her as a common figure? This is the question that we are diving into today.


There is a sense of power that comes into play when a woman is able to overcome lustful men, and this is a similar case for that of Catwoman and her character. From the way that she is personified, both in comic books and film, we see a woman who can handle any challenge that comes her way, a woman who has her own agenda, and who can stand her ground in the face of danger. This is the power that many feminists look toward, the ability to stand their ground against what the world believes of the woman and her role in society.


However, when we view it in this light, is the character of Catwoman truly a figure to associate with feminism and its stance in society? This is where the debate comes into play. Catwoman, in fact, does take charge of her decisions, of her plan, and puts her agenda into full gear, regardless of the situation. However, the one factor that many women put aside is that in order to get what she wants, Catwoman uses her lust and sexuality in full force, regardless of how it makes her look. This is what makes the feminist agenda of the Catwoman persona take a drastic turn. 

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This topic, of course, very much opinion based, especially when it comes to the topic of feminism in general. There may women out in the world who find that the sexuality that Catwoman utilizes is not in such a high degree, that it does not play such a major role in her ultimate goal. There are also many other sides of the spectrum, many other viewpoints in regard to the character and with varying aspects that can come into play.


So, when it comes to the question of who Catwoman is as a character and as a figure that girls look up to, what would your answer be? Is she portraying the ultimate feminist heroine (or rather anti-heroine) that women should aspire to be, or is she just over-sexualizing herself in order to achieve the goals and battles that she wants? The choice resides in you and your beliefs on the matter.